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Energy Law and Policy Certificate Program

大发代理金利,大发彩神代理The Graduate Certificate in Energy Law and Policy (the “Energy Certificate”) allows the Paul M. Hebert Law Center to officially recognize students who have demonstrated substantial competence in the study of energy law and related subject matter. It helps prepare participating students for careers in energy law and related fields by ensuring that they take appropriate coursework and providing exposure to relevant applied learning experiences.

大发代理金利,大发彩神代理Current LSU J.D. students who wish to earn the Energy Certificate must take four foundational courses and may select among a varied list of electives, for a total of 18 academic credit hours related to energy law and policy. Students will also write a research paper on a relevant topic and participate in applied learning experiences. Students earning the Energy Certificate demonstrate substantial competence in the field by maintaining the prescribed GPA in the certificate curriculum. Full information about eligibility and requirements is linked below, as is the application to participate in the program.